The Dreaded Plateau

Nothing is quite as disheartening as hitting a plateau on your weight loss journey. The first thing you need to realize is that this occurrence is exceptionally common. In fact, most people who are working to lose weight or regain health will stall in their progress at some point. The second thing you should note [...]

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Easy Exercises You can do at the Office

Let's face it: working eight or more hours in an office everyday can be disastrous for your health, even with a healthy and active lunch hour. So try these three simple exercises to stay fit even at the office.  Shoulders, Back, and Upper Arm Workout If you have some time in your busy day, try [...]

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Bust Your Slump: 4 Ways To Recharge Your Motivation

No matter how good it makes you look and feel, fitting exercise into a busy schedule and hectic life takes motivation and enthusiasm. But, even die-hard fitness buffs find themselves in a rut now and then. If you are slacking more than sweating, dig your way out of a fitness slump with these simple tips.  Shake [...]

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10 Tips to Boost Metabolism

Your metabolism is the rate your body converts the calories you eat and drink into energy.  Each person’s natural metabolism rate varies.  The rate of metabolism naturally begins to slow down for most people after the age of 40 because the amount of muscle tends to decrease.  A slowed metabolism reduces the calorie burn [...]

At-Home Fitness Goes High Tech with Virtual Gyms

Ever since the Walkman became sturdy enough to jog with, people have been looking for more ways to incorporate technology into their workouts. Many exercise gadgets are about motivation, and this next one is no different. If you could benefit from having yet one more obstacle to your enthusiasm for getting up and going [...]

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