Your metabolism is the rate your body converts the calories you eat and drink into energy.  Each person’s natural metabolism rate varies.  The rate of metabolism naturally begins to slow down for most people after the age of 40 because the amount of muscle tends to decrease.  A slowed metabolism reduces the calorie burn rate and leads to weight gain.  When you are working to lose weight, you want your metabolism rate to increase to burn calories faster.  These 10 easy tips can help boost your metabolism rate, increase your energy and overall weight loss.

1. Strength training will build more muscle, which increases your metabolism while you are resting.

2. Adding aerobic exercise or short bursts of jogging during a walk will boost your metabolism for hours after the workout.

3. Keep hydrated and reduce salty foods like chips or pretzels, because even mild dehydration will slow your metabolism.

4. Energy drinks can be used in moderation to give your metabolism a boost.  Full of caffeine, it increases the amount of energy the body uses, and they often have Taurine, an amino acid that helps burn more calories.

5. Eating small meals or snacks every 3 to 4 hours will keep your metabolism working and burning more calories throughout the day.

6. Adding spice to your food, such as chopped red or green chili peppers give your system a boost.

7. Increase your protein intake because the body burns more calories digesting proteins.

8. Drinking black coffee in moderation will help bump up your energy and endurance while you exercise.

9. Green tea and oolong tea has the benefit of caffeine and catechins that boost metabolism for a couple of hours after drinking a cup.

10. Avoid crash diets because you will end up losing muscle and slowing your metabolism.