Summertime often involves some serious challenges to healthy eating and weight loss. These challenges fall into three categories: travel foods, lazy summer grazing, and family gatherings.

Travel Foods

Vacation time means planning great destinations and fun activities.  Be honest in planning your meals, as well. Don’t settle for eating out for an entire week on vacation, because this will probably pack on unwanted pounds. Plan and pack your snacks, control as many meals as you can, and measure portions to keep your calorie intake under control. When dining out, look for those menu items that can be separated from their rich dressings, and ask for smaller portions. More restaurants are offering weight control items as well, so read the menu carefully.

Lazy Summer Grazing

It’s hot, and you just want to kick back and do that TV marathon! Watch out for alcohol, open bags of potato chips, and sweet treats! Cut up fresh fruit and veggies and use a yogurt based dip for fresh, vitamin rich snacking.

Family Gatherings

How many kinds of potato salad can you see at the picnic table? Is there any safe way to avoid sampling all of them without offending the sensitive family politics of matronly aunts? Try this: “Auntie, I know you love me and you also love your potato salad. It just happens that the potato salad doesn’t have to worry about making healthy choices. Please help me to make mine”.

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