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3 Essential Unprocessed Foods

People are migrating to a "real food" approach these days. This is where processed foods, especially those that are fried or artificially sweetened, are largely avoided because they hold little nutritional value. Below are three real food diet foods that are essential to the "real food diet", and some quick and fulfilling unprocessed meal [...]

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Easy Ways to Exercise In a Small Space

When you live in a small apartment, it can be difficult to find adequate space to exercise. This is especially true if you enjoy activities such as running or lifting weights. Unless you have space for some work out equipment, you will need to improvise. However, there are some ways to get a good [...]

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3 Easy-to-Make Meal Replacement Shakes

Fortunately, healthy meal replacement shakes make it easy to keep calories in check when you may be too busy to think about making healthy choices. Try these meal replacement shakes as an easy and tasty way to get the nutrition you need and feel fulfilled while leaving out the calories. Shake #1: Morning Energy [...]

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Light Cooking That’s Also Delicious!

We hear a lot these days about “healthy cooking,” but exactly what that term means can be hard to understand. Usually we think of heart-friendly dishes as lacking one essential thing that we all love: flavor. That’s because, as westerners, we have learned to associate great taste with high levels of fat and/or sugar. [...]

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How to Quit Eating Junk Food Cold Turkey

A piece of advice you will commonly hear when it comes to weight loss is that moderation is key. While this is effective advice for some people, it won’t prove effective for everyone. For some people, it is necessary to quit eating junk food cold turkey for the healthy eating habits to remain long-term. [...]

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Healthy Winter Snacks

Whether you’re trying to get in shape before beach season or just want to start eating healthier, it’s important to watch what you snack on during the day. Winter is typically a time when people indulge in comfort foods that are filled with calories and unhealthy ingredients. Instead of reaching for one of these, [...]

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