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We get it, you don’t have a lot of time in a day. How many of us quit working out regularly because we get a new job or because we have to take care of the kids?

Look, you don’t need working out to be a part time job. Here are a few ideas for cutting your workout routine down to a half hour a day (or less) without getting out of shape:

Invest in the Right Equipment

A treadmill, stationary bicycle or elliptical machine can be had for less than you might expect, and can give you easy access to fifteen, twenty, thirty minutes a day of hardcore aerobic exercise without even having to leave your house. You can work out in your underwear while you wait for your morning coffee to brew, and squeeze in another twenty minutes after work while watching TV.

Learn the Art of Self Resistance

There are exercises that you can do to maintain muscle while sitting right in your chair. Here’s one to get you started: when you have a free minute at your desk, press your palms together at your chest, then slowly extend your hands in front of you and bring them back. You’ve just done a pushup without even getting on the floor.

The Fifteen Minute Workout

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Fifteen minute workouts are for lazy people, right? Well, would you call Bruce Lee lazy? When pressed for time, Bruce Lee would stay fit with a series of lunges, pushups, and bicep curls. The Art of Expressing the Human Body is a tremendous resource for some fast, high-intensity routines.

You don’t need to set aside half the day for working out. If you can get in an hour or two of exercise, great. If not, thirty minutes may be all you need to hit your goals.