Ever since the Walkman became sturdy enough to jog with, people have been looking for more ways to incorporate technology into their workouts. Many exercise gadgets are about motivation, and this next one is no different. If you could benefit from having yet one more obstacle to your enthusiasm for getting up and going to the gym removed, this is for you- virtual gyms. Here’s our pick for the five best virtual gyms on the net.

Daily Burn
With probably the widest variety of session types, Daily Burn hosts a ton of retired pro athletes like Eitan Kramer, and Cody Storey. The site also has nutrition information available to help support your fitness gains sustainably.

This one has got everything from martial arts instruction to Yoga classes. It’s a two-way video interactive sweat-fest for those who do not wish to cut human interaction out of their fitness regimen. Wello matches their clients with the best trainers to suit them. Think of Skype + sweat and Yoga mats and you’ve got Wello.

Gaiam TV
Gaiam is for the spiritually minded, natural nutrition oriented, and the generally crunchy crowd. Gaiam TV’s content can be viewed on TV via their television channel, computers, and mobile devices. They have a massive collection of videos to choose from, and they charge less than ten dollars a month.

Can’t count on having Internet access? ITrain has downloadable fitness classes that cover a wide range of activities from ballet to rowing. Their instruction content comes in the form of video or audio only, which stores easily on mp3 players, and you can take your fitness coach anywhere. This is ideal for those who like get out on hiking trails or anywhere out of range of the grid.

Lionsgate BeFit
Take up a 90-day intensive total body cross training and circuit workout system which is as grueling as it is free. That’s right, it’s entirely free on YouTube. What else needs to be said? Well, if that’s too intense for you, they also have mini workout segments led by famous fitness gurus like Mary Helen Bowers, Jillian Michaels, and Denise Austin.