Eating for health reasons isn’t the only incentive to attack those fruits, veggies and low-carb grains.  The secret to having a younger looking body lies in three easy diet tips.

Eat Three Meals with No Snacking Between

Although the six to eight meals a day plan is popular, many people leave out the mini part. That operation requires that you keep those meals to only 200-300 calories each, which is pretty unrealistic. As opposed to the six to eight mini meals a day, recent studies show that women who eat three satisfying meals per day had less fat in their blood than women who ate six to eight.  If you fill yourself sufficiently with each meal you will be less likely to snack throughout the day, which is really where the extra weight comes in.  The more excess weight you keep off, the younger you will look!

Get Your Supplements

In contrast to the old days, we live in a time where undoing many mistakes is right at our fingertips; autocorrect, password retrieval and the undo button.  Having the correct nutritional supplements to backup your diet can actually reverse the affects of aging on your body.  Magnesium is a powerful muscle relaxer, promotes sleep and keeps you calm.  Green leafy vegetables are rich in magnesium.  Vitamin D increases muscle strength and wards off cancer, heart disease and other ailments. Fish, eggs and fortified dairy products will give you the vitamin D you need.

Cheat Once a Week

Being health conscious by adhering to portion amounts and drinking enough liquids allows you one cheat meal a week. Part of looking young entails being happy and you won’t be happy if you deprive yourself all the time. Plan your cheat meal in advance to stay health conscious and when your level of temptation is low.