If you would like to consume the recommended amount of protein without eating meat, it can be done with a little extra planning. A vegan or vegetarian diet is highly rewarding and many food scientists actually believe that the proteins received from non-meat foods are actually stronger than the proteins found in meat.

Protein really is the building block of life. If the proteins in our bodies become mutated, the result is often disease. It is imperative that you incorporate high-quality proteins in the majority of your meals. Protein provides you with energy, they rebuild muscles and contribute to biological homeostasis. Once you consider all the protein options available in contemporary supermarkets, you’ll realize just how many choices you really have to replace traditional meat entrees. Let’s take a look at a few examples of meatless protein.

Examples of Non-Meat Foods With Protein:

The chances are good that you already eat plenty of meatless food that is jam packed with protein. The majority of nuts, seeds, cereal, soy-based items, eggs and dairy all have a solid amount of protein. While nutritionists once thought that people should consume these foods in certain combinations to boost the abilities of amino acids and proteins, it is not necessary. Eat them as you like and add a bit more than usual to replace the protein you are missing by kicking meat to the curb.

Another excellent meatless source of protein is quinoa. Quinoa is actually a seed and it tastes quite amazing, especially when seasoned properly. With over 8 grams of proteins per cup as well as all nine essential amino acids, quinoa is one of the most healthy foods on the planet. Add it to a chili or soup or use it as a hot breakfast cereal base and you’ll enjoy tasty infusion of protein.

All the foods within the legume family are chock full of protein but green peas are an especially nutritious source. You can get the same 7.9 grams of protein from one cup of green peas as you can with a cup of milk. However, most people dread eating green peas straight up. So go ahead and blend them into a nice pesto. Combine them with pine nuts, olive oil and mint to create a lovely pesto for pasta.