Summertime is a great time to pick up healthy habits that will improve your life. One factor that makes a noticeable difference during hot weather months is to develop the habit of staying well hydrated. Sweating is how our bodies cool down in hot weather or during strenuous exercise, and we can help our bodies sweat effectively. Water is the gold standard for hydration. It fuels cellular function. It not only builds healthy skin cells so we have softer, smoother skin, but it keeps cardiovascular cells functioning at their best. It affects every organ in the body (including your brain), and every organ system you can think of.

The best kept secret about water is how well it helps you lose weight for the beach days ahead. Drink a glass of water about a half hour before every meal, and you will simply eat less. It works like this: many times if we don’t drink enough water, our bodies will trigger hunger and other cravings just to get us to ingest something- anything!- that has fluids in it. The result? We eat a heavy meal, or drink more alcohol than we planned. By drinking a glass of water before meals, we hydrate our organs. The body doesn’t send out such pressing demands for food. We feel a decent amount of satiation before we even begin to eat. Our body is functioning well, our digestion is better, and our eating choices improve. This really supports other weight loss methods like using Healthe Trim. Remember that weight loss is possible. It takes a balance of healthy habits that meet your needs as an individual. This summer is a great time to start.

Everyone knows drinking plain water can be difficult. Whether you like your water room temperature or ice cold here are a few ideas on how to naturally enhance your water drinking experience.

Adding Fruit

Cut up your favorite fresh fruits and add to a pitcher of water. Leave in the fridge and as the day goes on the natural flavors will really start to come through. My favorite is lemon and strawberries.

Natural Sweeteners

Try to avoid using artificial sweeteners artificial flavor packets or syrups. These trigger cravings and negate the appetite suppressant in Healthe Trim. Great alternatives are agave nectar or raw sugar.

Minimize caffeinated beverages

Avoiding caffeinated beverages will help eliminate the possibility of dehydration. Healthe Trim has natural green tea leaf extract to give you an extra energy boost that lasts throughout the day.