While you’re laboring under those sweaters and scarves this winter, you can gradually be working toward a more beautiful you. Think of your body as a work of art you’re going to unveil when beach weather gets here. Your friends will be amazed!

  • Shut the Kitchen Down

You know how this works. You’re relaxing after dinner, trying to forget that long day in the office. Maybe you’re watching a show… and suddenly you’re eating crackers. When did they get in your hands? You’re not really hungry. This late-night snacking not only tacks on extra calories; it puts energy in your body that you aren’t going to work off. Say “No!” to the kitchen after dinner.

  • Have Breakfast (but make it a smart breakfast)

Yes, breakfast adds up in the calories department. That’s pretty annoying when you’re keeping track. However, a healthy breakfast also leads to a slimmer, healthier body. Your best bet is to eat a smart breakfast. Choose low-sugar options and skim milk with whole grains and fruit.

  • Hydrate

Everyone’s always telling you to drink tons of water. But why? It’s not just a practical joke to make you go to the bathroom a million times a day. Actually, water reduces your hunger and makes you eat less. And that thing where you’re basically living in the bathroom? That’ll pass as your body adjusts. Hang in there and stay hydrated!

  • Do Cardio

It’s cold right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a run or take a brisk walk. Try to fit in about 20-30 minutes of exercise every day. This brings oxygen to your whole body and encourages those calories to take a hike.

  • Work Your Abs

Your tummy needs attention now! One simple and super-effective exercise you can do every day in under a minute or two is the plank. Get into pushup position, but keep your elbows on the ground. You’re propping yourself up with your forearms instead of just your hands. Hold this position as long as you can. Most people can do around 45 seconds to a minute or more, but that’s after practice. Try getting ten seconds today. Add more tomorrow, and watch those abs firm up in time for the beach.