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The pressure to eat unhealthy during the winter months can be overwhelming; however, a few simple tricks and tips exist that will help keep your fingers off of the super, calorie-rich foods. By eating routine, healthy meals, avoiding excessive sugars, and snacking on healthy items throughout the day, you will be able to take control of the peer-pressure associated with some of the season’s most calorie-rich foods.

Don’t Skip Meals

You may be tempted to complete skip a meal, or two, as you head into the holiday season, but a total lack of food will make your body store additional fat and sugars in your body. In addition, skipping a meal entirely makes you more likely to overindulge during the next meal.

Sugar, Sugar, and Sugar

Sugar is the fuel the body needs in order to work properly–the body also converts carbohydrates into sugar within the stomach–however, large quantities of sugar-rich foods have several adverse effects. In addition to gaining unwanted weight, sugar causes fatigue, and in some cases, pain in joints, muscles, and abdomen. If you’d like to see both a reduction in the way you feel as well as the numbers of the scale, limit sugar and carbohydrate intake. Rather than reaching for a chocolate, or super-sweet desserts, try to incorporate a healthy snack and supplement into your diet.

Healthy Snacking

During the holidays, there will be a plethora of unhealthy snacks and foods available at all hours of the day, but you can take control of this tempting situation. Two-hours before each meal, snack on one-half cup of veggies or nuts to curb the desire to grab something sugar- and calorie-rich. In the evening, allow yourself to have a snack that will require little work in preparation. For example, make an evening snack out of peanut butter and celery or carrot sticks.

You have the ability to control the amount of food you eat, and you can trick your brain out of wanting calorie-rich foods through these three methods. As time progresses, you will feel better and have more energy without the super-calories in your diet.