The foundational components of a good fitness regimen haven’t ever changed, and it is important to understand this and how fitness was truly designed to work. Fitness really does mean getting healthier, losing unwanted weight, gaining muscle and getting stronger – this sounds like a life change doesn’t it? There’s a reason for that, because this is how it has always been designed to work.

Those components of a solid fitness program can be separated into three sections, although they are dependent on each other in the aim of obtaining your best you. These three categories can set apart as physical and aerobic training, dietary habits (including supplements) and the cognitive.

Physical training and aerobic work will be vital in strengthening and developing the muscle-skeletal system and the circulatory and respiratory systems. A proper training system will teach correct techniques, how to rest, how to isolate and everything that goes into a safe and effective workout routine.

Arguably the most important aspect of any fitness regimen is learning how to eat. Please note that it was “how” to eat, not what to eat. From being educated on how foods work, why foods are eaten, portions and so on, there are many facets to a healthy diet. Supplements and how to use them and for what reasons, like increasing metabolic rates or pre and post workout energy, are invaluable in their dietary roles.

The mental aspect is part training the brain on how to make better choices, part education on all the fitness aspects and creating a healthier mindset as well as improved confidence. Consider that the schedule of your day needs to be adjusted to make room and time for workouts. Consider what types of food is bought now at the grocery, that you will be cooking differently and even scheduling meals and snacks. Consider the education and the mental aspects.

After all this consideration, there is one realization. Fitness is more than a program, it is a lifestyle change, that will change your body, your health and eventually…your life.