“The first wealth is health.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today we put emphasis on Weight Loss DO’s and DON’T’S and focus primarily on maintaining a balanced lifestyle. In order to lose weight it is important to incorporate exercise and proper nutrition but it’s just as important to nurture your mental state. Losing weight is a change not only to your body but your lifestyle and your emotions will reflect the different stages of your journey. We want to keep you motivated and encouraged throughout this process. Keep reading to find out our favorite words of wisdom to guide you on your weight loss journey!


DO- Keep a journal of how much weight and inches you lose each week. This will help get a better idea of how your body loses weight so you are less likely to be discouraged. BE PATIENT!

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DON’T- Constantly check the scale. Weigh yourself once at the end of every week. This way when you see the number on the scale go down it will be a nice surprise. Weightloss is a rollercoaster and some people experience loss of inches before pounds. Just because the number on the scale doesn’t change doesn’t mean you aren’t headed in the right direction.

DO- Discover new activities including ones not necessarily exercise related. You want to keep your mind in a positive space. If you’re bored join a book club or take a painting class. Try something new each month.

DON’T- Rely on foods as comfort. Emotional eating is a big contributor to obesity. Channel your energy into something positive or try and solve the problem that is stressing you.

DO- Reward yourself! Keep an envelope and every time you want to go through the drive through and order some french fries put the money in the envelope instead. Once you meet a goal you can use the money you have saved to reward yourself. Pick things that will motivate you instead of food like a new pair of jeans!

DON’T- Be too hard on yourself. You want to make a commitment to not only losing weight but improving your health and longevity. No one is perfect and it is easy to fall off the wagon. If you have a hiccup write about it in your journal then keep on trucking!

DO- Find inspirational quotes or affirmations to keep you going. You can pick a new quote each week that resonates with you to help lift your spirit. BELIEVE in yourself!

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DON’T- Give up! Weight loss does not happen overnight. As long as you stay strong and consistent with your routine you will be on your way to reaching your goal in no time!

DO– Celebrate you and your journey! Have a party where guests bring healthy food and recipes to exchange. Make low calorie cocktails, play games, dance the options are endless!


Sometimes we are our own worst enemies and our bodies suffer the consequences. If you want to live a healthy active lifestyle and feel confident that you can achieve your weight loss goals contact us or visit www.healthytrim.com. We believe in you and want to be your soundboard by answering any questions or concerns you have about our products and your individual journey. Be sure to tune in next week as we dissect “Clean Eating” and your health! Until then embrace your wealth, self and health!