It seems with each passing season a new fad diet arises. With multiple eating regimens on the market it can be confusing figuring out which route to take and what is really effective in terms of achieving your weight loss goal. Cue the “Clean Eating” revolution. Eating clean is becoming increasingly more popular throughout the country. So what is clean eating all about? In part one of this two part series we will discuss the origin and fundamentals of eating clean.

The Dawn of Clean Eating

Believe it or not clean eating has been around since longer than one would expect. This natural way of eating is not a new wave craze of the millennium but spawned from a different decade completely. In fact, clean eating is viewed as a lifestyle opposed to the ever existent meal plan fads.

The 1960’s were all about change on the global level. During the “Sixties” tensions rose in the United States due to international wars and internal movements breeding a new subculture of society. This new social population sought understanding and change in regards to environmental issues and a “freer” natural way of existing.

Naturalists began to embody “back to the land” principles which involved planting new roots out in the country and adopting organic lifestyles. Organic farming, recycling and preservation became the norm for the growing subculture and would pave the way for modern day natural living. With this new lifestyle came clean eating.


Now that we have had a quick history lesson let’s get down to the meat of clean eating. Again, clean eating is not seen as a diet but a lifestyle so in order to adopt this change you must determine if you are going to commit long term or short term. Eating clean has its benefits and pitfalls. For some gradually adjusting your food intake may work better then taking the headfirst approach and going cold turkey from your regular eating habits. What does clean eating involve?

-Removal of all processed foods which come widely in packaged non organic form

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-Removal of refined sugars, bleached flour, refined grains

-Removal of trans fats & saturated fats

-Avoiding “empty calorie” foods and drinks

-Incorporating lean protein into most meals

-Consuming multiple small meals each day

-Maximizing the nutritional value available in non processed foods such as fruits and veggies

-Having a better understanding of food labels and things to look for in order to stay clean

-Embracing portion control and cooking

Clean Eating and You

Embarking on any lifestyle change can be a challenge especially if you do not have the right tools to propel you forward. In the next part of the series we hope to provide the best information on how to get started eating clean and the advantages of trying or fully adopting this lifestyle. As previously stated clean eating has its downfalls in regards to the transition period, especially if your body is used to absorbing processed foods. Be sure to tune into the next article where we will go over in detail preparation, things to avoid, proper foods and the best way to shop at the grocery store. We will also cover why clean eating is beneficial towards weight loss and overall health. In no time you will be a clean eating health machine!

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