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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not just about losing weight. Taking care of your vital organs is essential to a long, happy and healthy life. Supplements are a common way to ensure our body has an adequate intake of the vitamins and minerals we need for optimal functioning.  Co-Q10 and Omega-3 are enzymes that can not only get your heart in tip-top shape for your workouts, they can also protect your heart against strokes and heart attacks.

What is Coenzyme Q10?

An essential enzyme required for regulating organ function, tissue health and chemical reactions. CoQ10 is found in most basic functioning cells and is vital for maintaining the energy required in major organs such as the liver, kidneys and heart. Helps transform nutrients in food into energy for these organs.

What are Omega-3 Essential Oils?

Our bodies do not generate enough omega oils, in order to reach the correct amount more must be consumed through food or supplements. Omegas are necessary to help build and or repair muscle tissue and are natural lubricants. Contribute to immune system health, proper blood flow and brain development as well supporting a healthy operating heart. Also, aids in memory and cognitive functions.

The Facts:

Certain medications can hinder enzymes that are necessary for the production on CoQ10. To meet your RDA of Omegas, you must consume cold water fish 3-5 times weekly. Omegas decrease the possibility of High Blood Pressure, LDLs and increase good cholesterol. Protects your heart against the oxidation process that can lead to stroke or heart attack.  Always consult a physician with medical concerns. This is not meant to treat illness, but to provide nutrients required for the heart and brain.