Running might not be an option when temperatures fall below freezing or when there’s ice and snow on the ground, but you can still get a good workout indoors. Keep the following exercise ideas in mind if cold, snowy weather interferes with your usual running routine.

High-Intensity Cardio Workout

When you don’t want to venture outdoors, you can get your heart pumping in the comfort of your own home with a high-intensity cardio workout. This type of workout involves doing about one minute of high-intensity exercise followed by 20 seconds of low-intensity exercise, such as walking or marching in place. For high-intensity exercises, consider doing jumping jacks, squats or high knee kicks.


If you want to get out of the house, head over to your local gym to work out on a rowing machine. These machines give your legs and arms a great workout that burns tons of calories while toning your muscles. Rowing for about an hour is a good substitute for your running routine.

Indoor Cycling

If you live in an area with bitterly cold, snowy winters, you might not have much of a chance to get outdoors for any running. Instead, consider signing up for a local spin class. These indoor cycling classes give your legs a challenging workout while also boosting your heart rate. They’re a great way to keep your leg muscles in shape all winter long when you can’t go running much.


If you’re looking for an indoor workout that can help you run better when you do have a chance to go out this winter, try some yoga moves. This form of exercise improves your flexibility and strengthens your muscles, which can help you get more out of your running routine. You can try basic yoga moves at first, then move on to more challenging ones.