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Halloween is a time of sweet treats, festive costumes and an abundance of ghostly decorations. Youngsters go from house to house yelling “trick or treat” in the hopes of getting something sweet to eat. This year, why not offer them something sweet that’s also good for them. Instead of buying sugary candy in large bags, there are other, healthier treats that children will enjoy just as much.

Ghostly Strawberry Ghouls

Dip strawberries in warm, white chocolate. Dark brown sprinkles can be added to make the eyes, nose and mouth. If you want to hand them out to trick or treaters, you can place them in individual bags and tie them shut with decorative ribbon.

Granola Bars

Granola bars are nutritious treats that are high in fiber and protein with fewer calories than chocolate bars. Granola bars can be made from scratch or purchased, individually wrapped. Children who have nut or gluten allergies should not be given granola of any kind.

Cheese Sticks

Individually wrapped cheese sticks are high in protein and have virtually no sugar. Because they are purchased in individual packaging, parents are more likely to let their children have a treat if it is pre-packaged and tamper resistant.

Fruit Chews

Single serving packages of fruit chews are also healthy options for trick or treaters. Not only do they come pre-packaged, they are often made with 100 percent fruit juice and are full of vitamins with minimum amounts of sugar.

Animal Crackers

Animal crackers also come in pre-packaged boxes and are made with minimal amounts of sugar. They are suitable for all ages, from toddlers to adults. They contain a minimum number of calories and have few additives or preservatives.