It happens every spring. You toss open the windows, shed your winter coat, and suddenly get the urge to clean your house. But do you ever think about “spring cleaning” your body? Although staying healthy in the winter may seem limited, there’s plenty of excellent ways to keep your health regimen out of the cold. Here are a few excellent options for staying active without having a healthy habit freezing up on you.

Seasonal produce offers more flavor without cleaning out your bank account. Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of your neighborhood’s bounty. Spring is a great time to try watercress, scallions and garlic scapes.

Get some fresh air. Setting up a steady schedule of daily movement (such as walking to or from work) helps drastically. If working out indoors is too much of a hassle, try finding alternate methods for staying active such as a brisk walk around your neighborhood. Follow safety precautions beforehand is important… as it is much easier to do harm to yourself between wind chill and low temperatures.

De-clutter your medicine cabinet. First off, medicine should be stored in a cool, dry cabinet, not in the bathroom. The expiration date is your best guidance for the potency of a medicine, but if you’re unsure, toss it if it smells bad or looks off-color. (Aspirin smells like vinegar when it gets old).

Healthy Meal Planning. Planning your meal intake during the winter takes a little more attention (and a few alterations to regular habits). Turkey is an excellent source of protein and incredibly low on calories. Cranberries are also great as they’re low on calories and help with your daily Vitamin C and fiber intake.

Gym Membership. A gym membership is easy to sign-up for, but very easy to put on hold or forget about. Going with friends for motivation is very helpful as it benefits you and your like-minded friends. If that doesn’t work, hiring a personal trainer is a great source of motivation as they will gladly help you target and reach your goal. It’s the personal trainer’s job to help people achieve the body they’re looking for… especially with the warm weather coming around sooner than you think.

Up your daily happiness potential. Rid your closet of clothes that don’t flatter you. You just don’t need that baggage. Give away the stuff you don’t want: Research shows that helping out others improves your own happiness.

These methods of staying in shape mentally and physically can defrost any cold weather from hindering healthy habits and keep you in shape no matter what the seasons have in store for you.