The internet is a miraculous place full of information, fact and fiction. When it comes to finding exercise advice there is no exception. Today we are going to debunk some exercise myths and send you on the right path to meeting your weight loss goals!

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Your Weight Defines You- Many on the road to weight loss continually monitor their change in weight on the scale. The number on the scale may fluctuate and just because the number does not drop significantly does not mean you aren’t getting results. Muscle weighs more than fat, when your muscles begin to tighten you will see loss of inches even if your weight stays the same.

Crunching Your Way to a Six Pack- Unfortunately all the crunches in the world will not guarantee you a six pack. If you have a layer of fat over your abdominals it will block any definition you may be getting from doing crunches. The key is burning the fat to show off the six pack you work hard for.

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Hours of Gym Time- Not only is this unnecessary it can be harmful to your body to over exercise. It is important for your muscles and body to fully recover after working out especially when first starting out.

Cardio for Burning Calories- The best way to burn calories is by incorporating weight training with cardio. Cardio is a great way to burn calories but for an overall fat/calorie burning body workout, doing circuit training with weights is ideal.

Women and Weight Lifting- Lifting weights as a female will not make you bulky. As previously stated lifting weights is important for toning your muscles as well as burning fat and calories. If you are still worried about weights try yoga, pilates or these at home exercises to tone your muscles as well.

Working Out=Bad Diet– Just because you have exercised once, twice or multiple times a week doesn’t mean you can splurge on sugar filled foods and drinks. Exercise does improve you health and weight loss but so does taking care of your body by what you put in your mouth. Make healthy eating choices to see the best results from your workout (this doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorite foods just be cautious of binge eating).

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It’s Too Late to get in Shape- Wrong. It is NEVER too late to start exercising. If you are not at your ideal weight and the thought of trying to work out stresses you out, understand that any physical activity is beneficial for your overall health. Always start small as you enhance your endurance and strength, exercise will become easier and more fun. Not to mention there are tons of interesting classes and ways to exercise besides logging hours on the treadmill. Don’t wait a second longer, get started today!

“Success is a staircase, not a door away.” -Dottie Walters

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