People are migrating to a “real food” approach these days. This is where processed foods, especially those that are fried or artificially sweetened, are largely avoided because they hold little nutritional value. Below are three real food diet foods that are essential to the “real food diet”, and some quick and fulfilling unprocessed meal ideas to go along with them.

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Beans— beans are an excellent source of protein and fiber, and can be substituted seamlessly for meat in a number of well-known dinner recipes. There are various types of beans: kidney, black, red, pinto, etc; each has a unique taste and texture.

3 Bean Chili-substitute meat and noodles for black, pinto, and kidney beans; throw in some red peppers, cubed tomatoes, and vegetable broth for a thick stew.

Bean Casserole-layer beans (your choice which), corn, rice, and shredded parmesan into a casserole.

Fiesta Salad-use chopped lettuce as a salad base, then add fully cooked black beans, rice, and grilled chicken to make a fiesta salad. Make a healthy salad dressing out of vinegar, lemon juice, pepper, and diced tomatoes.

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Potatoes— Potatoes, especially the skins, are full of fiber and iron, and are often referred to as the meat of the Earth. They can be prepared a number of ways, and are cheap and easy cook.

Simple Baked Potato-sometimes the most filling way to eat a potato is simply to bake it. Add low-fat cottage cheese (processed, but still healthy), salt, pepper, and a small dash of mustard instead of butter or sour cream, which are high calorie and full of saturated fat.

Loaded Hash browns-shred potatoes into hash browns, then add low-fat ground chicken, diced tomatoes, jalapenos, and scrambled eggs for a filling and unprocessed meal.

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Eggs— Eggs are small, but packed with nutrition: fiber, protein, and iron. They are also cheap, and versatile in recipes.

Egg and Chicken Salad-chicken salad is a classic, and combined with eggs, it packs a large punch of protein and fiber. Combine cubed grilled chicken and chopped boiled eggs, and then puree an egg, some milk, and cauliflower together to make a binding agent.

Asparagus and Egg Roll-use eggs to make an omelet, then wrap the omelet, along with a layer of pureed avocado, around several stalks of grilled asparagus.

Mushroom Bake-puree some eggs, salt, pepper, and milk, then pour into a back dish. Add whole cleaned mushrooms to the mixture and bake until eggs are solid and fluffy in the dish.

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