When you live in a small apartment, it can be difficult to find adequate space to exercise. This is especially true if you enjoy activities such as running or lifting weights. Unless you have space for some work out equipment, you will need to improvise. However, there are some ways to get a good workout in until you can get to a larger space.

One of these ways is by simply stretching. Stretching is very good for your body and your muscles in particular. If you cannot get out to stretch, start with some stretching inside. Other indoor activities include yoga and Pilates. These activities require very little space and provide endless benefits. In addition to lowering stress, they are good low impact workouts that can be safely done in your living room.

If you want more of a resistance workout, try purchasing a resistance band to incorporate into your activities. There are many workouts that can be done, with or without resistance bands, to provide great resistance training. There are also great ways to get a good workout by utilizing furniture. You can use your table or couch to incorporate decline push-ups, squats, and lifts into your workout routine.

As far as cardio is concerned, you can do several things. The first of these is dancing. You can find a workout video or simply play some upbeat music. Anything that gets your heart pumping is considered cardio. You can even consider jogging in place or doing jumping activities.

No matter how little space you have to do your workouts, there are always ways to get them done by incorporating a little creativity. There are also many exercise plans online that you can follow. Some plans are geared toward smaller spaces and are perfect for apartment workouts.