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One of the biggest excuses people have for not working out is “I’m too busy.” While work and paying the bills is a priority, it shouldn’t be an excuse for neglecting your health and fitness. The good news is that you can keep your commitments at work while still burning calories throughout the day using these five workplace fitness tips:

1. Tone those abs. If you sit at a desk or in front of a computer for most of your work day, this is the perfect opportunity to work your stomach muscles. As you’re sitting, focus on tensing then releasing your abs repeatedly; imagine bringing your stomach muscles inward as much as possible. It’s not quite like doing crunches, but doing so will work your abs even while you’re busy at your desk.

2. Pace while you talk. On the phone a lot for work? Don’t sit idle; put on your hands-free device or speaker phone and pace your office as you talk. You’ll burn calories and keep your metabolism revving throughout the day.

3. Drink cold water. Staying hydrated is another key to good health, and if the water is ice cold, it requires more calories for your body to assimilate. Stay hydrated AND burn more calories by drinking ice cold water throughout the workday.

4. Take the long way. Find ways throughout the day to increase your physical fitness by choosing faraway parking spots, or better yet, walk or bike to work. Have a meeting three floors up? Opt for the stairs instead of the elevator. Take the long way to any destination that requires you to walk there during the workday.

5. Look for fitness opportunities. Anytime you can boost your fitness at work, do it; keep hand weights and fitness bands in the office and do sets between tasks or during breaks. Get in a 10 minute brisk walk after lunch, or power-march in place. Every little bit contributes to maintaining your fitness and ideal weight.

Exercise reduces stress and can actually enhance your productivity at work. Most people starting on a healthy diet plan find it difficult to manage their weight among all the distractions and temptations of daily life. A natural weight loss supplement like Healthé Trim can help you reach your weight loss and a healthier lifestyle without the hard work of other weight loss
plans. Even when you’re busy, you can use these tips to stay fit no matter how much time you spend at the office.