If you are trying to lose weight, you will find a new fad diet every week. One diet will say to swear off bread; the next diet will say to eat nothing but bread. Here are three of the top reasons to stay away from fad diets and choose something that actually works.
Fad Diets Have Little to No Scientific Reasoning
No two bodies will respond the same way to the same diet. Most of the “science” that backs up many fad diets is true only for a certain segment of the population. Pay special attention to celebrity diets: The actresses and singers that use them are also participating in high intensity workout routines on a daily basis!
Fad Diets May Be Unhealthy
Just because a diet works for some people does not mean that it is a healthy choice for you. An easy proof of this is lactose intolerance: Many people can drink milk and benefit from the calcium and vitamin D. Others drink the same milk and get nothing but stomach problems. All diets that haphazardly change your daily routine have the ability to be extremely unhealthy. Pay special attention to diets that encourage you to see a doctor before committing.
Fad Diets Change Every Week!
Following hot tips in your diet is like following hot tips in the stock market. They may work for a couple of days, but then the market shifts. Your body changes over time, and the best choice is a natural diet that changes with it.
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