Getting your body ready for the summer can definitely add pressure to a workout schedule. However, we’ve compiled some excellent tips to help your workout regimen seamlessly work into your daily schedule, without adding complications to what you may have already established. Start shedding weight to look great before the summer is in full swing.

Calorie Cycles

Understanding you calorie cycles and pursuing proper management can make or break your workout routine. Depending on the weight you plan on losing, here’s a quick breakdown for making pounds disappear:

• As Much Weight Loss As Possible: This cycle requires you to reduce your usual diet by seven-hundred calories for five days straight. On the sixth and seventh day, leave these days open for healthy foods to meet what your body needs with absolutely no junk food. Continue this process until you see exceptional results.

• Moderate Loss: This cycle requires only five-hundred calories shaved off of your usual diet for four days, then regrouping the next two to meet your body’s usual requirements. Once again, repeat this cycle.

• Minimal Weight Loss: This cycle only requires a three-hundred calorie reduction in your diet for three days. For the fourth day, eat to your usual requirements and repeat the cycle as necessary.

Workouts & Daily Routines

There are plenty of creative ways to burn fat while performing daily routines. Below are a few excellent ideas to make these mundane tasks more effective:

• Brushing Teeth – Doing squats as you brush your teeth is an excellent way to burn fat.

• Television – Try some seated arm curls as you wait during commercials. Keep switching sides every five seconds (during the break) to stay fit.

• Sitting Ab Workout – Anytime you’re sitting, begin by sitting up straight and flexing your abs. Hold this flex for thirty seconds, which is equal to one set. Do at least five sets of these, then slowly progress as you see results.