iStock_000019823028_ExtraSmallIf you are looking for a healthy breakfast or a small meal to hold you over until lunch or dinner, a smoothie is a great option. It really is a small, healthy meal in a plastic cup. Let’s take a look at all of those subtle healthy smoothie ingredients that make this savory treat healthy and nutritious.

Cottage Cheese

Instead of using milk or yogurt for a smoothie, some choose to use cottage cheese. It is chock full of protein that will prevent you from having hunger pangs for the next few hours at a bare minimum. Cottage cheese is much healthier than a protein powder and provides more of a natural taste. You will get 15 grams of protein in each half cup of cottage cheese.


Some substitute avocados for yogurt and other smoothie powders. Avocado has healthy fats, potassium and fiber. It blends into smoothies quite easily without much of an impact on the overall taste.


Although few know it, cinnamon has no calories. Some studies have even shown that cinnamon boosts the body’s ability to manage blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Cinnamon tastes amazing, especially when mixed with the right fruits, yogurts and other flavors.

White Beans

While few would guess that white beans are in smoothies, it can be argued that they are one of the most nutritious smoothie ingredients around. This vegetable and meat substitute heaps the potassium, protein, iron and fiber into your smoothie. Blend a quarter cup of white beans with yogurt to replicate the uber-healthy smoothie that you get at your local smoothie shop.

Other Surprising Smoothie Ingredients

Most people are surprised at just how many ingredients are used to make smoothies.  Aside from those ingredients mentioned above, smoothies contain vanilla extract, carrots, kiwi fruit, lemon juice, lime juice, agave, maple syrup, cream and many more tasty flavors.