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Healthe Trim Reviews

Still trying to decide if Healthe Trim is right for you? Take a look at these Healthe Trim reviews from customers like you!

Jason October 2013- “I lost 60 pounds!”

"I was in a competition for getting high school skinny on the Mojo in the morning show and won. Healthe Trim gives me the mindset plus the energy to get through my workouts because i know it works. I lost 60 lbs during that competition and i plan to lose 60 more to get to my goal! "

Mary, October 2013 –“I love this product!”

"In the first month I have dropped 2 sizes!!!! I lost 12lbs & I feel great! Can't wait to see results from month 2! Thanks Healthe Trim! "

Karlee, September 2013 – “I have shed 60 lbs so far!”

"It's AMAZING to drop baby weight. I have weight from two pregnancies and I am happy to say, I have shed 60 lbs so far and my husband LOVES Healthe Trim. He's lost like 30 lbs already and he loves the energy it gives him! Thanks Healthy Trim! "

Kate, September 2013-“I take my Healthe Trim everyday still!”

" Hey Healthy Trim! When I started my journey with you I couldn't close my size 14 pants and was 196 lbs. today, I comfortably wear sizes 0-2 and weigh in at 130. I take my HT everyday still. Thank you! "

April, September 2013- “I love my HT!”.

" I love my HT. Gives me so much AM energy and helps me eat less all day..... I have lost and kept off 52lbs for 3 years now! And still enjoyed my summer BBQ with my family! And feel like a walking billboard for HT! I tell everyone who asks "how did you loose your weight" and I say "have you heard the commercial on the radio "get high school skinny?"Thank you Healthé Trim "

Lisa, August 2013-“I have surpassed my goal!”

"My name is Lisa and I'm 26. My weight was over 250lbs and I was a size 20. My weight lost goal was to loose about 80lbs and get down to a size 12. After trying other products I checked out Healthe Trim. I took one on the morning and one at lunch time and I exercised. I had the motivation but with Healthe Trim I gained my dedication! After several months I saw results and now 2.5 years after starting my journey, I have surpassed my goal loosing over 100lbs and am now a size 8 and am still maintaing and feel great! Healthe trim is awesome! "

Mary Anne, August 2013-“It really suppresses my appetite!”

"Started my healthytrim yesterday ! And it really suppresses my appetite. I'm confident ill be able to shed this extra weight! "

Cody, May 2013-“I lost 35 Pounds!”

"Lost 35 lbs in one month on Healthe Trim!"

Holly, May 2013- “I feel amazing!”

"1 week down and I have lost 14 lbs! Thanks Healthe Trim! I feel amazing, more energy, I am not hungry all the time and I am not even exercising and I am losing weight! Thank you! "

Laura, May 2013-“I have great energy!”

"I've been taking Healthe Trim for a week now, and I lost 4 pounds! Yet, even better than losing 4 pounds in one week is the energy that I have throughout the entire day. I have two young boys that I stay home with, and, usually, by 6 o'clock, I'm exhausted and counting down the minutes to bed time. However, now I look at 6:00 and think "we still have a whole hour before bath, let's take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood." Love Healthe Trim!! "

Kalie, April 2013- “Finally a product that works!”

"Im down from 194 to 188 in 4 days, and my jeans are loose!!! so excited! Finally a product that works!"

Veronica, February 2013-“I am loving it!”

"I want to show off my 61 pounds gone, from a size 22 pants to a size 12 am loving it. THANK YOU HEALTHE TRIM!!! ."

Dave, February 2013-“I have lost over 100 lbs”

" I have lost over 100 lbs in just over 6 months on healthe trim!."

Jennifer, February 2013- “Down 13 pounds!”

"I have to give you guys kudos on this new Raspberry Ketone formula. I tried the old version and had no success but skeptically decided to try the new one and am down 13 pounds. Thanks so much. Seeing the numbers drop on the scale really helps keep me motivated."

JP, April 2012 - "Got in shape for a wedding I was in!"

"I used this to get in shape for a wedding I was in, LOVED IT! Saw great results and I am about to start it again now that I've had a baby and am getting back in shape for my own wedding. This product is an aid, you must eat healthy and exercise with it! It will not dissolve pounds by itself."

Trista, April 2012 - "Hydroxycut didn't work for me at all."

"So I will just comment that I have lost eight pounds in just ten days on Healthy Trim. I don't exercise much—if I do it's taking my son out for a walk for twenty to thirty minutes about four times a week. I work at a desk. I have tried to cut my calories to at most 1700 a day. I used to consume about 2000. I feel great and am not eating around the clock anymore.

I do say it's because of Healthy Trim that I lost the weight I have so far. It really does help with curbing the hunger. I was dieting without it for a few weeks and didn't lose anything. I got on Healthy Trim and lost weight easily. I do not limit what I eat, just how much I eat. I'm a very picky eater so my staples are frozen pizzas, fast food, french fries, ice cream, etc. I have not changed to a "healthy" diet, just to a change in the amount of calories I take in. I'm very happy with this product because Hydroxycut didn't work for me at all."

Lisa, February 2012 - "Lost almost forty pounds during the holidays!"

"I was so happy and surprised with the results of my first bottle of Healthy Trim that I took advantage of their current deal and purchased a three-month supply. I took one pill in the morning and drank lots of water and I took one pill in the afternoon. I did not feel jittery and had lots more energy, I did not feel the need to have coffee in the morning. I did not change my diet and lost almost forty pounds during the holidays. This time I am going to be more cautious of what I eat and exercise in hopes of seeing some amazing results."

Cassie, November 2011 - "It gives you the boost you need to start losing weight."

"I have been taking Healthy Trim for almost two years now. When I first started taking them, I lost 35 pounds in about five months. It was not a rapid weight loss and it forces you to change your diet because your appetite is curved. I don't think it is a miracle pill, but it does give you the boost you need to start losing weight. You do still need to workout and eat right. I had tried in the past numerous times to lose weight and was unsuccessful. I have had a baby and it was very hard to get the baby weight off. Healthy Trim gave my body the kickstart it needed to lose the weight. I continue to take it to maintain my weight. I don't have any adverse effects from it and I get a healthy boost of energy every morning. For all of those who are saying "anything that says don't eat breakfast isn't healthy", it doesn't say don't eat breakfast. You just can't eat for two-three hours after taking the pill to allow for maximum absorption. I would recommend this pill to anyone who needs a kick start to losing weight!"

Evie, September 2011 - "It was right for me."

"It worked for me. I lost 70 pounds on it. True, I changed how I ate, and I worked out as well, and they state that you need to do that. But I really didn't start to change what I was eating and how much I worked out until after I was off Healthy Trim. I have lost 100 pounds. And like I tell everyone that asks, Healthy Trim gave me the jump start I needed. It's not right for everyone, but it was right for me."

Kate, July 2010 - "Healthy Trim made me NOT WANT junk!"

"I actually started taking Healthy Trim in October 2009. I am five feet, seven inches and weighed 189 pounds when I started. In February I weighed 150. GOODBYE 40 POUNDS! I lost nine pounds in the first week and five in the second. The first three days of Healthy Trim I was STARVING and couldn't eat enough. But I followed the directions and it really did work. I lost weight without working out. I did change my diet, but its because Healthy Trim made me NOT WANT junk. It just didn't even taste right. I referred it to my sister as well who lost twenty-five pounds in two months. If two pills makes you jittery, split it up! Take one in the morning and one with your first meal. Everyone's body is different. If you are you used to consuming a lot of caffeine, you may need a higher dose to start. If you eat better, you will save the sixty-hundred bucks a month. I am 100% confident this product works. I have seen the results on not only me, but SEVERAL other people."

Gina, June 2010 - "This IS a product that will work."

"In the month I've been taking the pills, I've lost eleven pounds and have more energy than I've had in five years. Yes, I have always been a healthy person but the product seems to work for an otherwise healthy woman whose metabolism had slowed down. It's energy that I had previously lost due to age and don't need to have coffee or tea, just water. Realistically, I agree with Healthy Trim, that keeping a healthy weight must be done through diet and excersise (lifestyle). For any women out there going through a slowing down of your metabolism who is just trying to get back to their old weight this IS a product that will work."

Jo, April 2010 - "Lost weight successfully with very little thought!"

"My daughter and I tried it... I do exercise regularly but am trying to give up caffeine all together and thought this might help... and it has. We love the product and have both lost weight successfully with very little thought added to it. She does not exercise and has consistenly lost at least two to three pounds each week. The more she loses the better she eats too, so it's an all-around win for us. We are both average height and weight for our age, but wanted to trim a little for Summer... and it's definitely working!"

Judy Lee, April 2010 - "I love Healthy Trim!"

"I love, love, love Healthy Trim! I have taken it for six weeks and have lost fourteen pounds."

Trina, February 2010 - "I lost fifteen pounds in two weeks!"

"I have taken HT before and last time I took it I lost fifteen pounds in two weeks! I did cut out all Cokes and that I thought would kill me but I didn't crave them at all. In fact when I stopped taking them (because it began to cost too much to maintain) and started to drink soda again, it made my stomach hurt. I have since began taking them again and I am taking Celexa and have had only one side effect since the first day (jittery). I have not had a caffeine product in almost a week and I feel fine. This has worked for me and friends and I would recomend it to anyone."

*The weight loss experienced by these individuals actually occurred. We do not have many facts about the circumstances about how this weight loss was achieved, other than the consuming of Healthe Trim, for either us or you to conclude that this should be generally expected outcome from the use of Healthe Trim. We encourage a reasonable exercise and healthy diet as an important part of your weight loss and maintenance program. A clinical study of 60 participants in 2009 reflected an average weight loss of 2.43 pounds in 30 days when those individuals took Healthe Trim exclusive of a diet and exercise program.