Healthe Trim Reviews

Still trying to decide if Healthe Trim is right for you? Take a look at these Healthe Trim reviews from customers like you!

Matt67Atlanta, August 2016 - Love the product

"I've taken this for years initially to get me past a plateau in weight loss.  I continue to take it for energy support."


Anna, August 2016 - Really worked!


"I saw a difference immediately!! Did not feel jittery at all." 


Rach, July 2016 - Love this product!


"I have used healthy trim for years to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.  I can't imagine not having this product. "


Case, July 2016 - Excellent product


"Helped me eliminate energy drinks and coffee completely from my daily calorie intake"

Debbie, June 2016 - Truthful feature


"I used for about a year and was satisfied with the results"


Jennifer, June 2016 - Love this product.


"I love this product.  Itt never names me jittery and it actually helps be to focus.  When I use the healthy trim product I feel like a million bucks. "


Jennlane6, June 2016 - Great product


"I couldn't be happier with healtytrim!! It's truly helped me get my life back. I have more energy now!! " 


Red78, June 2016 - Amazing results

"I started seeing results within the first week of taking this supplement."


Bridge, June 2016 – Informative


"I read up on this product because I wanted to just start my weight loss."


Kdb41605, June 2016 - Amazing Energy!


"I purchased Healthy Trim over a year ago for the first time and still love it.  The amazing energy you get is unlike anything else without any negative side effects like others.  The coaches are great as well anytime I needed their help.  Thanks Healthy Trim from me and my two kids for giving me my life back! "


Emily, June 2016 - LOVE!


"I have been using Healthe Trim off and on now for a couple of years, and I love it!"


aromeo26, June 2016 - Full of energy!


"I have been buying this product for 6 years! I'm full of energy all day and assists in my nutrition and workout program. My friends and I love this stuff! " 


Danni555, June 2016 - Works


"Used in the past and again more recently before vacations etc. I even skipped doses here and there just busy and forgot to take it and still ended up with great results. I watched my diet, drank tons of water and did a 30 min workout daily to get my results"


Sueq, June 2016 - It worked


"It worked great for me. I was losing weight and I felt great."


Sburns, June 2016 - Great Product


"I love this product, it does exactly what is says it does... Definitely a must try for anyone who may need a boost for energy weight loss"


Jenny, June 2016 - Awesome


"It’s the best stuff eve!t"


Niecy, June 2016 - I love Healthie Trim


"This stuff is the best weight loss assistant around does not make your heart race u don't starve yourself nor do u have to starve yourself by not eating certain stuff" 


Tanya, June 2016 - Great energy booster


"I have been using healthy trim for years. About 4 years ago I had a cancer scare and I had to have my thyroid taken out. After doing so my energy level dropped dramatically. It wasn't until I started using healthy trim that I actually felt like a normal person. I was able to function without being exhausted. Healthy trim is more than a weight loss pill it's an energy booster as well. I recommend it to anyone that is in need of an extra energy boost."


MomHoff27, June 2016 - Great!


"I've used HT in the past and had great success so after my second child was born, I've only been back using it for 2 weeks and already I've noticed a difference! My clothes are fitting a little less snug, my energy levels are up and I'm even sleeping better at night.”


Jacksonville, June 2016 - Everything it claims to be


"I was wary of the information I had heard about the positive results a friend had told me about your product until I tried it-great result!!”


Tarah B, June 2016 - Been talking this product on and off for 4 years


"I lost a ton of weight on this product with lots of water diet and exercise. I keep ordering because it keeps working and making me feel amazing"


Auntie, June 2016 - Super energy


"Great energy boost with no side effects or crash hours later" 


Lori143, June 2016 – Happy 


"I have been using this for some time and now I use daily to help maintain weight"


Tristaj90, June 2016 - It really works!


"I tried this product out when I first started my weight loss journey in 2012  I haven't taken it for a while due to pregnancy/nursing, but plan to start it back up once I'm done nursing my daughter. I can't wait to get back on my weight loss journey! " 


Aubree18, June 2016 - THE BEST!


"I have used Healthe Trim a few times in the last 10 years when I need that extra boost in my life.  The instructions are easy to follow and make it fool proof! I definitely recommend Healthe Trim to all my friends and family!"


Jeff, June 2016 - Works great


"It really gave me the boost I needed to get in the gym and get started on my weight loss"

Josie973, June 2016 - Awesome product


"The results are amazing and this product really does work - very satisfied"

ruizie46, May 2016 - Truly Remarkable


"Very healthy choice to increase energy, while losing weight"


Nicole33, May 2016 - Life changer


"I started using Healthe Trim 3 years ago. It has completely changed my life! I feel great about myself and have so much more energy. "

Guli, May 2016 - Great diet pill


"I’ve been using this product many years, It’s my cup of coffee in the morning. Its good stuff, all natural"


Kimberly, May 2016 - TERRIFIC!!!


"I bought this for my husband and I to use. I have MS and because of that I have a fatigue issue which makes it very difficult to work-out. Healthe' Trim gives me that boost to not only work out but just more energy with-out the jittery feeling. Even once I reach my weight-loss goal I will still take it to assist in my energy level. "

Fitmom, April 2016 - Great Boost of Energy


"This product is definitely worth every penny!! I have been using this for over a year and will continue to use this! I am over 40 and have never felt so good!  The energy this gives me before my workout is amazing! The customer support is unbelievable and they truly show that they care!" 


Holly, March 2016 - "Love this product"


"I have used Healthy Trim for several years. I stopped for about 2 months and never again will i not have this in my medicine cabinet."

Jim P, March 2016 - Healthy Trim...Original Works!


"I bought this product a couple years ago and was using it as directed and was able to lose 102 lbs. It was easy to use as directed and with a good diet and exercise, I was very happy with the outcome."

Samsam, March 2016 - too expensive


"product works great...just cant afford it. I would recommend it to someone that could afford it. " 

Debb, February 2016 - Healthy Trim


"I have used for several years and love this product!"


Califkate, February 2016 - coffee in a bottle


"Healthy Trim has allowed me to stay awake and help me to exercise even if I am tired"

MaryB, February 2016 - Well rounded!


"I have been taking Healthe' Trim on and off for quite some time. Along the way I would come across a "miracle" diet supplement that I would try. Without naming approximately 5-7 different products, none have compared to Healthe' Trim."

CCRJ, February 2016 - Got results!!


"Gave me the energy I needed throughout the day! Highly recommend this product." 


Lisa1, February 2016 - Great diet "kickstart”


"I have been using healthe trim for years. I was drinking a pot of coffee a day and the great "by product" of the pills is no desire for coffee. During the week I just take 2 pills and I am good. You have the morning energy to do your work out and lose some weight. On cold yucky days, I don't take it and sit with my morning coffee. I buy in bulk to save $!"

Momc, February 2016 - review of product


"I have been using this off and on. I definitely find a huge difference in my lifestyle"


SassySarah, February 2016 - HIGHLY RECOMMEND


"I have been using this product for some time now and I feel it's the only product that truly works!  I will never buy a different weight loss product again!"


KittyKad, January 2016 - I felt energized!


"I bought this a month ago and I felt like I had a lot of energy! In the mornings I usually am very sleepy and not very active but after taking this about two weeks I noticed I felt more alert. I did not feel as hungry and I ate smaller meal portions. I have also been combining doing regular exercise along with taking this so that I can get maximum benefit from it. I would definitely suggest this product along with regular exercise and water in order for you to get the best results! Thank you Healthe Trim!"


Seanatch41, January 2016 - Power Boost


"I was skeptical but this really worked great for me. Total energy boost!"


Kell, January 2016 - It works!


"HealtheTrim doesn't make me feel jittery or give me the indigestion feeling that other pills have."


skinman22, January 2016 - Great Energy


"I have used the product for over 12 months and have been very happy with it. I believe the greatest benefit is my increased energy level. I will continue to use the product."

Jenn, December 2016 - Awesome and effective


"Very happy with this product. Very effective and will continue to keep buying."

Jason October 2013


"I was in a competition on the Mojo in the morning show and won. Healthe Trim gives me the mindset plus the energy to get through my workouts because i know it works"

April, September 2013- “I love my HT!”


"I love my HT. Gives me so much AM energy! And feel like a walking billboard for HT!" Thank you Healthe Trim"


Lisa, August 2013-“I have surpassed my goal!”

"My name is Lisa and I'm 26. After trying other products I checked out Healthe Trim. I took one on the morning and one at lunch time and I exercised. I had the motivation but with Healthe Trim I gained my dedication! After several months I saw results and now 2.5 years after starting my journey, I have surpassed my goal and feel great! Healthe trim is awesome!"


Holly, May 2013- “I feel amazing!”


"1 week down and I feel amazing! Thank you! "

Laura, May 2013-“I have great energy!”


"I've been taking Healthe Trim for a week now and I love the energy that I have throughout the entire day.  I have two young boys that I stay home with, and, usually, by 6 o'clock, I'm exhausted and counting down the minutes to bed time. However, now I look at 6:00 and think "we still have a whole hour before bath, let's take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood." Love Healthe Trim!! "

Kalie, April 2013- “Finally a product that works!”


"Finally a product that works!"


Veronica, February 2013-“I am loving it!”


"I am loving it. THANK YOU HEALTHE TRIM!!!"

Jennifer, February 2013- “Kudos on this new Raspberry Ketone formula!”


"I have to give you guys kudos on this new Raspberry Ketone formula. I tried the old version and had no success but skeptically decided to try the new one and am seeing results. Thanks so much."

JP, April 2012 - "Got in shape for a wedding I was in!"


"I used this to get in shape for a wedding I was in, LOVED IT! Saw great results and I am about to start it again now that I've had a baby and am getting back in shape for my own wedding. This product is an aid, you must eat healthy and exercise with it! It will not dissolve pounds by itself."

Trista, April 2012 - "Hydroxycut didn't work for me at all."


"I'm very happy with this product because Hydroxycut didn't work for me at all."

Lisa, February 2012 - "This time I am going to be more cautious of what I eat and exercise in hopes of seeing some amazing results!"


"I was so happy and surprised with the results of my first bottle of Healthy Trim that I took advantage of their current deal and purchased a three-month supply. I took one pill in the morning and drank lots of water and I took one pill in the afternoon. I did not feel jittery and had lots more energy, I did not feel the need to have coffee in the morning. I did not change my diet. This time I am going to be more cautious of what I eat and exercise in hopes of seeing some amazing results."

Cassie, November 2011 - "It gives you the boost you need to start."


"I have been taking Healthy Trim for almost two years now. I don't think it is a miracle pill, but it does give you the boost you need. You do still need to workout and eat right. I have had a baby and it was very hard to recover. Healthy Trim gave my body the kickstart it needed. I continue to take it. I don't have any adverse effects from it and I get a healthy boost of energy every morning. For all of those who are saying "anything that says don't eat breakfast isn't healthy," it doesn't say don't eat breakfast. You just shouldn't eat for two-three hours after taking the pill to allow for maximum absorption. I would recommend this pill to anyone who needs a kick start!"

Evie, September 2011 - "It was right for me."


"It worked for me. True, I changed how I ate, and I worked out as well, and they state that you need to do that. But I really didn't start to change what I was eating and how much I worked out until after I was off Healthy Trim. And like I tell everyone that asks, Healthy Trim gave me the jump start I needed. It's not right for everyone, but it was right for me."

Kate, July 2010 - "I followed the directions and it really did work!"


"I actually started taking Healthy Trim in October 2009. I followed the directions and it really did work. I did change my diet, but its because Healthy Trim made me NOT WANT junk. It just didn't even taste right. If two pills makes you jittery, split it up! Take one in the morning and one with your first meal. Everyone's body is different. If you are you used to consuming a lot of caffeine, you may need a higher dose to start. If you eat better, you will save the sixty-hundred bucks a month. I am 100% confident this product works. I have seen the results on not only me, but SEVERAL other people."

Gina, June 2010 - "This IS a product that will work."

"I've been the pills for a month and have more energy than I've had in five years. Yes, I have always been a healthy person but the product seems to work for an otherwise healthy woman whose metabolism had slowed down. It's energy that I had previously lost due to age and don't need to have coffee or tea, just water. Realistically, I agree with Healthy Trim, that keeping a healthy weight must be done through diet and excersise (lifestyle). For any women out, this IS a product that will work."

Jo, April 2010 - "We love the product!"


"My daughter and I tried it... I do exercise regularly but am trying to give up caffeine all together and thought this might help... and it has. We love the product. We are both average height and weight for our age, but wanted to trim a little for Summer... and it's definitely working!"

 Judy Lee, April 2010 - "I love Healthy Trim!"


"I love, love, love Healthy Trim! I have taken it for six weeks and love it."

Trina, February 2010 - "This has worked for me and friends and I would recomend it to anyone"


"I have taken HT before and I did cut out all Cokes and that I thought would kill me but I didn't crave them at all. In fact when I stopped taking them (because it began to cost too much to maintain) and started to drink soda again, it made my stomach hurt. I have since began taking them again and I am taking Celexa and have had only one side effect since the first day (jittery). I have not had a caffeine product in almost a week and I feel fine. This has worked for me and friends and I would recomend it to anyone."